Ruffling a few Feathers

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A champion of The Old World

The Dodo is synonymous with adventure. Exploration into far away lands brought with it unfathomable discoveries of savage beasts, untameable habitats, and forbidden foods. These were expeditions traversing the globe, venturing out into the unknown. The Dodo discovery became a fable intertwined with tales told of these escapades. Most tales need a protagonist and the Dodo became ours. Not content with the status quo, we sought a life of new horizons - new environments, new flavours, new experiences. And it's in this spirit that we invite others to do the same.  

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On our quest to create something beautiful, we reached for the pens and pencils. Every flavour is embellished with completely unique illustrations. From the juice to the box, we adore craft and we think you will too.

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This is how we started, ensuring TPD compliance, using the best ingredients and insisting on top quality. Our entire range is available in 0, 3 and 6mg nicotine. We've always been a fan of ready-to-go 10ml juices, so this is what we made. Packaged and branded in a way that matches the quality of the product.



The full Dodo range is also available in 50ml short fills. More Dodo for your money, with plenty of space for a nic-shot. We use exactly the same recipe as our TPD compliant 10ml juice, just more of it. All of our juice is 80/20, with beautiful, balanced flavours to truly represent the all-day vape.  

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Just as we put a lot of love into the juice we make, we ensure the same goes for our merchandise. All custom-made and crafted to the highest quality, we offer SnapBacks, build mats and t-shirts for sale. Most of our products are special edition limited runs so keep an eye out for the latest pieces.