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The Dodo range has it's roots in quality and craft, using the best ingredients for the most balanced, considered and smooth vape on the market. A premium range of 80/20, a perfect all day vape was the aim, and we think that's exactly what we made. Phenomenal when dripped, but just as good when tanked, it's time to discover the Dodo.


A family of five

The range spans across specimens 01 to 05. Each one considered and refined. We focused on trying to make a family that compliment each other, mostly based in fruits, each with it's own distinct difference. We like subtlety and complexity and think that even the most difficult flavours to master present a good challenge. Dodo is forever expanding and evolving, with plans in the near future for special editions and new flavours.

Delicious and considered

Making something unusual is a challenge, but we started with truly distinct flavours and built from there. Our specimens contain rich and delicious ingredients, such as, raw coconut milk, fresh mint leaves, wine notes, natural yoghurt and orange infused whiskey. Tough flavours to work with, but well worth the effort.


Growing further and wider

The full Dodo range is available in many retailers across the UK and Europe. We try to work with the best of the best, retailers who promote quality and the finest products out there. Growth is steady and strong so you will see much more of the Dodo over the coming months. Team Dodo attends most UK-based Vape Expos, so keep an eye out for us there as well. 


With two awards from our first ever expo for 'Best Packaging' and 'Best Stand', we're off to a good start. More exposure for our juice is what we're after, putting it into the hands of everyone. We're confident that soon our recipes will be winning awards for themselves.

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